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Are you moving to UAE? Guide on Renting an Apartment or Room in Abu Dhabi

Moving is widely considered to be one of the most stressful life events that may occur. It's possible that the experience will be considerably more nerve-wracking for you if this is your first time in the city or the country. Therefore, in order to go for apartment for rent in Abu Dhabi, the following is all the information you need to know:


Where to start looking for an apartment or house to rent in Abu Dhabi?

You can search for available apartments through a real estate agent or online using a website such as Waperty. Both options are open to you. It is also a good idea to take a drive through the many neighborhoods of the city to become familiar with a building, villa, or community that is a good fit for your requirements.

Make a note of any developments that catch your eye, and then either talk to an agent about them or go online for information about the rent and the facilities they offer.

You can go to the reception area of the building, inquire about the vacant apartments, and then take a peek inside them. Some building concierges have access to the keys to empty apartments.


What does the typical monthly rent look like in Abu Dhabi?

The costs over house for rent in Abu Dhabi vary depending on the size of the space and the area in which it is located. If you were to choose a luxury home in a contemporary neighbourhood like Marina Square on Reem Island, the following would be the average annual fees:

·         Between Dh50, 000 and Dh58, 000 for the studio.

·         Approximately Dh60, 000 to Dh80, 000 for a one bedroom.

·         80,000 to 125,000 Dirhams for a property with two bedrooms.

The price of a one-bedroom apartment at Al Raha Beach starts at Dh70, 000 and goes up with the number of rooms, reaching Dh195, 000 for a three-bed apartment. On the Corniche, a one-bedroom apartment would cost between Dh48, 000 and Dh85, 000, while a two-bedroom apartment would cost between Dh60, 000 and Dh120, 000.


What additional potential costs are there?

Most estate agents charge a five per cent fee (a few charge three per cent). There is also a security deposit required, in addition to the expenses that are linked with the processing of the contract (typically five per cent).

Establishing accounts for water, power, and chilled water for the air conditioning will all demand deposits before you can use those services. For instance, the Electricity and Water Board ADDC requires a deposit of one thousand dirhams.


Does the number of floors an apartment has an effect on the rent?

Yes! The owner of an apartment that is located on the 25th floor is likely to charge more than the owner of an apartment that is located on the 5th floor. This is because they paid a higher amount to purchase their flat. Keep this fact in mind when going to have room for rent in Abu Dhabi.


What to do next when you have located an apartment?

You have to pay a security deposit, which is often equal to five percent of the total amount of the rent, in order to reserve it and confirm that you are interested in it.

It is important to remember that this is an additional fee that the renter is responsible for paying; it is not included in the rent, but it will be refunded once the rental agreement has come to an end.

On the other hand, the owner would presumably deduct the cost of any necessary maintenance from the security deposit if there are any damages.

Checks written in advance are the typical method of payment during the process of bed space for rent in Abu Dhabi. Some landlords may require payment of the entire sum in a single check.

But an increasing number of them are willing to accept the more manageable option of receiving payment in two, three, four, or even more cheques. This will be cashed at predetermined intervals during the term of the lease agreement.

Once the owner has signed the contract, the renter is required to write the cheques with the agreed upon dates, and then the tenant must send the cheques over to the owner. The terms and conditions of the contract have been agreed upon by both parties.

The first check should have a date that is two days prior to the moving in date. This will allow the landlord to ensure that the money has been deposited into his account before he hands over the keys to the agent.

The agent will then ensure that the home has been properly cleaned and maintained before delivering the keys to the tenant.


What kinds of documentation do I require?

In order to receive an offer letter, you must provide copies of your passport, UAE residency, and Emirates ID. The offer letter must be signed once the security deposit has been paid in order to reserve your flat.

If you have only recently relocated to the UAE, the agent may be willing to make do with a copy of your passport until your residency and ID card are granted. However, the final contract to have studio apartment for rent in Abu Dhabi cannot be executed without these documents.


What are the steps I need to take to connect my water and electricity?

The Abu Dhabi Distribution Company will set up your water and electricity accounts through Tawtheeq. This is the city's register for rental contracts, as soon as the formal registration of your tenancy has been completed. Same pattern is followed during office for rent in Abu Dhabi.

 In the event that you have not yet registered, you will be required to provide the municipality with a copy of the signed rental contract, in addition to your passport and Emirates ID. After receiving a message from ADDC with an activation number, the customer is needed to make a deposit of Dh1, 000, which can be done so online.


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