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How Much It Costs to Rent Apartment in Dubai's Top Locations

Moving to Dubai? Based on how much apartments cost in Dubai, one of the first things on your list should be to find a place to live. There are many different neighborhoods in Dubai, and each one caters to a different group of people based on their budgets and needs.

Waperty has put together a guide for you on how much it costs to have house for rent in Dubai by looking at data from the Dubai Land Department. Right through the below guide, we will help you in narrowing down the areas in Dubai for rental properties. These areas are according to your lifestyle and requirements.

Let’s get into the discussion below for more information.

Best Places to Live in Dubai and How Much Apartments Cost

This rental price guide is based on the price of an apartment for rent in Dubai different areas. In places where there are more villas than apartments, the ranges listed are for 3-bedroom villas. This guide will even help you to see which one of the areas can fit best all your needs and budget. But somehow the rents will vary because each apartment has a different cost.


1.      Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, and Jumeirah Lakes Towers

The high-density and incredible areas of Jumeirah Beach Residence, as well as Dubai Marina, and the Jumeirah Lakes Towers are perfect examples of high lifestyle living in Dubai. Having lakes and parks, JLT is best destination for the families.

Dubai Marina apartments, on the other hand, are among the ones that both couples and single people are most interested in.

Dubai Marina (1BR apartment) is available in the rental price of 40,000 to 180,000 AED per year. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment at Jumeirah Beach Residence is between 75,000 AED and 155,000 AED per year. 36,000 to 130,000 AED per year of rent is available for the one-bedroom apartment in the Jumeirah Lake Towers!


2.      Emirates Hills, the springs, The Meadows, and The Lakes

You will find these areas as the excellent choice for the families who are with more kids or have pets. Visit this place to search 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai. They have some giant villas with the attachment of gardens. These all communities are constructed and they are managed by the Emaar. They are having their own gym centers, community areas, grocery stores, pools and food corners.

The springs area is the least expensive choice in this area. On the other hand, Emirates Hills is a good place to look for a luxury property.

The Lakes offer a rent of 230,000 to 260,000 AED per year for a 3-bedroom villa. The Meadows offer a rent of 240,000 to 270,000 AED per year for a 3-bedroom villa. Lastly, Springs offer the rent of 160,000 to 200,000 AED per year for a three-bedroom villa.


3.      The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is for people who really want to know what a luxurious life in Dubai is like. The high-end homes are, of course, quite expensive.

From the cost of 75,000 to 260,000 AED per year you can have the rental property of one-bedroom apartment at the place of Palm Jumeirah!

Thus, no doubt that Jumeirah Village is known to be among the Dubai's newer neighbourhoods. They have some incredible options of townhouses, villas or the apartments. But at the same time, it is popular among people for being cheap in the rental prices.

Apartments in Jumeirah Village (1BR) cost between 29,000 and 120,000 AED per year.


4.      The Greens

This area was built in the middle of the city, and it has both low-rise and high-rise apartments. There are many restaurants, lakes, and a nice jogging path for the people who live there. It is also close to both Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City, where many people work. Visit this place to search 2 bedroom apartments for rent in the Greens.

Greens: 50,000 to 120,000 AED per year (1BR apartment)


5.      Arabian Ranches, Motor City, and Sports City

Motor City is located in between Arabian Ranches and the Dubai Sports City. This place has many apartments or some great townhouses. Arabian Ranches is a group of beautiful villas and private gardens built and run by Emaar.

It's a high-end area with a central community centre and a lot of shops and restaurants. Living there is more expensive than in some other parts of Dubai. Sports City is the place to look for something affordable for your family.

From 39,000 to 80,000 AED per year rent is available for a one-bedroom apartment in Motor City! Plus, from 28,000 to 89,000 AED per year for a 1-BR apartment in Dubai Sports City!


6.      Jumeirah, Umm Sequim, and Al Wasl areas

In these areas, you will find maximum of the homes as the villas. Some of them are in small groups, but most were built on their own. It is among the exciting and best places of beautiful residential areas within Dubai, which is very close to the beach.

People are ready to pay maximum of the rent for the costly villas in Jumeirah because you will find everything closer to your house. Therefore, we recommend this place as best for the families.

149,000 to 160,000 AED per year rent is for a three-bedroom villa in Al Wasl. 99,000 to 220,000 AED per year rent is for a three-bedroom villa. 140,000 to 260,000 AED per year rent is for a 3-bedroom villa.


7.      Festival City

In Festival City, there are apartments, townhouses, and villas. It is a great place for families to live because there are a lot of shopping malls, schools, places to eat and drink, and a golf club.

45,000 to 84,000 AED per year rent is for a one-bedroom apartment in Festival City.


8.      Mirdif

This neighbourhood is best for those who want the luxury of a private garden and villa but also have to watch their budget. The main thing that brings people to Mirdif is how cheap it is; you can get a big villa without going bankrupt.

45,000 to 220,000 AED per year rent is for a three-bedroom villa in Mirdif. You can even go for this place to find bedspace for rent in Mirdif.


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