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Is it Legal to Have a Shared Space In Dubai for Youngsters?


Sharing an apartment in Dubai can help you save money, but it can also cause issues if you don't abide by the restrictions. Knowing and comprehending the laws and regulations regarding shared homes in Dubai is crucial to avoid running afoul of the law. Let’s share important information about the law in Dubai for shared apartments or spaces before you go for a room for rent in Dubai with your partner.

What Dubai rental law says about shared apartment theory?

Subleasing and shared housing is hence governed under Article 24 of Law No. 26 of 2007 in Dubai. This law is a part of Dubai's Real Estate Law, together with the RERA Tenancy Laws. You cannot share housing in Dubai unless the landlord permits it.

According to the law:

The renter is not permitted to sublet the property or assign the lease without the landlord's consent unless the rental agreement states otherwise. Even though the subtenants' lease term is still in effect, a tenant who sublets the property without the landlord's consent may be required to vacate with them.

This is supported by Law No. 33 of 2008's Article 25. There it states:

"If a tenant sublets the property or a portion of it without the landlord's written consent, the landlord may ask the tenant to vacate the premises before the end of the tenancy. The tenant and the subtenant will have to vacate in this situation."

What are the rules for sharing apartments in Dubai?

There are several laws you must abide by in Dubai if you wish to legally share or get a house for rent in Dubai with your partner.

·         So long as the original lease is still in force, the sub-tenant has rights to the rented space.

·         The sublease contract will somehow determine the relationship between the tenants and the subtenant. The tenant's obligations to the landlord shall remain unchanged, regardless of the tenant's relationship with the landlord.

Please be aware that the number of tenants or sub-tenants that can reside in an apartment depends heavily on the neighborhood in which it is located. Therefore, you can't blindly assume something about one location based on the data from another.

What are the requirements for shared accommodation in Dubai for bachelors?

Both single men and single women may have trouble locating housing in Dubai. Even if it is now permitted to cohabitate with someone of the opposite sex, single people must abide by the shared housing provisions of the Dubai Rental Law to avoid paying hefty fines.

Therefore, there are no laws dictating that single men or women must live with other persons of the same gender in Dubai when sharing housing. But occasionally, particularly in neighborhoods suitable for families, landlords won't rent to a group of men and women. This can benefit you if you plan to rent an apartment in Dubai with your friends.

As long as the landlord permits, single persons in Dubai can still share apartments. After receiving landlord approval, the tenant must abide by all Dubai Municipality regulations. Single women and bachelors can coexist in shared accommodation in several areas of Dubai. All in all, women and bachelors sharing an apartment in Dubai need to exercise extreme caution.

Facilities tenants and sub-tenants may benefit from shared lodging.

All facilities are available to legally residing residents of any building in Dubai. Tenants and subtenants are included in this. They can use playgrounds, parking spaces, health clubs, and sports facilities.

Some regulations for sharing housing in Dubai may alter depending on the agreement between tenants/subtenants and landlords. The Dubai Rental Law requires the amenities we described above for shared lodging. Always consult your landlord before making any decisions because there can be certain exceptions.

Ensure not to irritate your neighbors if you live with them to avoid legal issues. Following the association constitution, unit owners, occupiers, and their visitors must use the common areas "without interfering with the rights of others to use such areas, disturbing others, or endangering their safety or the safety of the jointly owned property," according to Law No. 27 of 2007.

Residents can discuss any disturbances or issues with the landlord, or if the landlord isn't doing enough to help, they can go to the Dubai Municipality.

Process of Ejari Registration and how it works

Ejari is a mechanism for tracking freehold and non-freehold rental contracts, and tenants and landlords in Dubai sign a Tenancy Contract with it. It will be establishing proper communication between the renters and landlords to transform the tenancy agreements into enforceable legal documents.

Sub-tenants are subject to slightly varied rules in Ejari. The tenant receives the registration, but if they choose to sublet the unit without first gaining the landlord's approval, the sub-tenant won't receive any assistance from the system. Real estate brokers, landlords, and tenants can easily register for Ejari online.

Related questions - FAQs

1.      How much fine is charged in Dubai for sharing a flat illegally?

A renter will be fined between AED 200 and AED 20k if they are found giving their unit to someone without the landlord's authorization or a Dubai Tourism permit. Once found guilty, they could be required to pay up to AED 100,000.

2.      Is it illegal to share a room in Dubai?

The only authorized way to share a room or flat in Dubai is with the landlord's consent, according to the Dubai Rental Law for shared accommodations. You should take their consent even if you take office for rent in Dubai.

3.      In Dubai, is sub-letting legal?

You can only sublet in Dubai if the landlord permits it. Additionally, tenants and sub-tenants should be aware that sub-leasing may be subject to additional legal requirements in various areas of Dubai.

4.      Can an unmarried couple legally live together in Dubai?

Yes, it is now allowed for unmarried couples to cohabitate in shared residences or hotel rooms in the UAE, thanks to recent amendments to the country's personal and family regulations.

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